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With regard to the coming into the market of genetic modified soya- and maize variety and from that gathered animal feed, the vegetable biotechnology became a very important common area for special attention of the Product Board of Margarine, Fatts and Oil, the Product Board Grain, Seed and Legumes and The Product Board Animal Feed.

In 1998 these three mentioned product boards have established the project group biotechnology.

For further Information regarding biotechnology we refer you to the website of these project group.

Projectgroup Biotechnology

The animal products chains have a common policy with respect to the use of GMOs in animal feeds. This policy is to be found in the memorandum "Animal Feed and Modern Biotechnology".

  • Memorandum "Animal Feed and Modern Biotechnology". (PDF, 122 kB)
  • Letter: Trade constraints through asynchronous approval of GMOs in EU versus third contries (september 2008) (PDF, 33 kB)

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